Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that involves correcting teeth misalignments and bite issues. Patients may never wait for a particular age to seek orthodontic care and can start receiving orthodontic dental care at any point in their lives. Orthodontic care is vital as it helps improve any dental condition such as malocclusions overcrowding, and crooked teeth that may compromise your teeth’s health and function. 

What are the common orthodontic problems?

Consulting a professional orthodontist can help understand your present dental condition. The dentist would conduct a series of dental examinations and review the patient’s medical history before diagnosing the patient’s orthodontic condition.

Some of the common orthodontic conditions are the gap between teeth, problems related to jaw growth, protruding teeth, bad bites that are generally the result of fracture or injury.

Orthodontic condition such as these can be treated by using dental appliances such as retainers, aligners, braces, and others which will be advised by an orthodontist.


There are several appliances available for treating malocclusions and other dental problems. The most commonly used orthodontic appliance are braces. We understand that patients would prefer to wear appliances that are far more invisible and can blend more easily into the patient’s personal and professional life.

Hence, we provide a newer version of dental appliances that will suit your needs:

Clear Braces

Clear braces are an alternative to the conventional metal braces. Here, the brackets are made up of ceramic material making it hardly noticeable. They function similar to the traditional braces where a gentle amount of force will gradually bring the teeth back to its correct position.


These clear aligners are customized aligners made to fit your teeth and straighten the teeth in the course of time. Most adults will find this to be the best orthodontic appliance as they are removable and will not hinder or disturb their day to day activities. It will not require any adjustments to diet or cleansing of the teeth. It will require only fewer visits to the dentist. Their smooth finish would mean, adults won’t have to worry about broken or loose wires while wearing Invisalign.

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