Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Importance of First Visit

Children would erupt their first tooth by the time they are six months old. We advise parents to bring their child for early dental checkups by this age as it would help us to understand their growth pattern or complications that may have arisen during that phase. By being more informed, we'll be able to make decisions and educate parents regarding the suitable treatment option. As your child begins to grow, it will be necessary to schedule regular dental checkups to maintain optimal oral health.
We understand that dental anxiety comes with an unfortunate first visit. Hence, we take the extra caution to ensure that your child's first visit with us is a comfortable and happy one.

As your child grows

As your child's teeth progress and grow, we would ensure additional treatment. During your child's regular visits with us, we would provide them with fluoride treatment and may also suggest dental sealants. Fluoride treatment would help build stronger and durable teeth structures. Wearing protective dental sealants can protect the surface of teeth from bacteria and plaque.

Pediatric Dental Appliances

Pediatric dental appliances are generally used for infant children and those who have reached adolescence. These appliances serve for both preventive and treatment purposes. Although it is difficult to get children to wear removable pediatric dental devices, they function by preventing injury to a great extent and also the need for expensive treatment.

Types of Pediatric Dental Appliances 

Pediatric dental appliances come in different forms each of which is designed to serve a particular function.

Space Maintainers

It is common to experience fall out of baby tooth among children. Sometimes, as this happens, other teeth would tend to shift to empty spaces and result in either overcrowding. Space maintainers are devised to prevent this from happening. They greatly help by improving teeth's appearance and maintaining enough space until a permanent tooth replaces it. Space maintainers come in fixed and removable forms.

Thumb Sucking appliances

Many children outgrow the tendency and habit of thumb sucking. However, some children don't. Such children are more susceptible to the dental complications that follow such as narrowed arches, impacted, and misaligned teeth. Thumb sucking appliances are designed to put an end to this unhealthy habit. The device is technically crafted to affix upon the child's teeth preventing the thumb from reaching the palate. There are also removable versions of the same, and the dentist shall decide which would suit the best for your child.

Kiddie Partials

Kiddie partials are dental appliances meant for restoring missing front teeth. Partials designed for children would generally be of the fixed type. An impression of your child's existing teeth would be taken to model the same. Once they are ready, your child will be called to have them set in place of the missing teeth.

We believe in investing the best for your child. Be sure to schedule an appointment with us to understand more about our pediatric services. Call us today!

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