Periodontics involves in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the periodontal disease. The periodontal disease, also known as the advanced stage of Gingivitis affects the tissues of the natural gums and bones of the teeth.

What is a Periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, which is the gradual infection of the gums of the teeth, is caused due to the progressive accumulation of bacteria, plaque, and tartar. The infection is known to develop in the gum lines and areas between the teeth. Periodontal disease grows as gingivitis advances from moderate gum disease to chronic gum disease. 

Gingivitis is a mild gum disease of the gums inside the mouth. It arises due to unhygienic oral habits as patients fail to brush and rinse their teeth regularly. This leads to the slow accumulation of bacterial films over the gums. 

When left untreated, the infection begins to weaken the gums of the teeth. As this happens, it leads to disease the gums and severe pain with loss of blood as patients brush their teeth. Not only does it inhibit patients from maintaining further oral hygiene, but also leads to advanced stages of the periodontal disease when it is left untreated and without proper medical attention.

Treating Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can be treated with laser therapy which is an effective means of destroying the disease-causing bacteria present in the gum lines and between the teeth. If patients don’t stick to regular dental hygiene such as proper brushing, flossing and rinsing twice a day, they may stand a chance of suffering from mild to advances levels of gum disease.

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